Kammermusik is a flexible chamber music ensemble based in Melbourne. The group performs a wide range of music but specialises in baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary chamber music, from Bach to Britten. Ensembles vary in size and personnel depending on the needs of the program.

The group, previously known as the Parkville Ensemble has been performing in a range of venues since 1999. Founders Stuart Riley and Nicky Kilpatrick went to the UK in 2010 but returned to Australia in early 2013. Hence the relaunch under the name kammermusik, which means "chamber music" in German.

The group is based on a core of string players but augments a dozen or so for larger ensembles which may include winds, voices and piano.

The group was formed in Parkville in 1999.


Our players are full time members of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, or Orchestra Victoria, or free lancers, having working with many of the top orchestras in Australia and the UK

Recent repertoire includes:-  

Alvarez, Metro Chabacano
Bach, Johann SebastianBrandenburg concerto no 3
Bach, Johann SebastianBrandenburg concerto no 6
Bach, Johann SebastianCantata no 51
Bach, Johann SebastianConcerto for two violins in D min
Bach, Johann SebastianTwo part inventions for Vla and Cb
Bargiel, WoldemarString octet in C min
Beethoven, Ludwig vanSeptet
Beethoven, Ludwig vanString trio
Bor, TeddyBach at the Double
Borodin, String 4tet no 2
Bottesini, GiovanniGran Duo Concertante
Brahms, JohannesClarinet 5tet
Brahms, JohannesString sextet no 1 in B flat
Brahms, JohannesString sextet no 2 in G
Brahms, JohannesViola 5tet
Brahms, JohannesViolin Sonata in G
Britten, BenjaminSimple Symphony
Bruch, MaxOctet
Bunn, JasonQuintet
Copeland, AaronQuiet City
Dvorak, AntoninQuintet in G (bass)
Dvorak, AntoninTerzetto
Elgar, EdwardSerenade for strings
Francaix, JeanDivertissement
Grieg, EdvardTwo norwegian dances
Hahn, ReynaldoArias
Johnson, TomFailing
Massenet, JulesVn solo from Thais
Mendlessohn, FelixOctet
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusAdagio for Cor and strings
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusCello quartet in C
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusClarinet 5tet
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDivertimento in D
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDivertimento in F
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusEine Kliene Nachtmusik
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusOboe quartet
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusPiano quartet in G min
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSechs Deutsche Tanze
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSix German dances
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusViola 5tet in G min
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusViolin/Viola duo in G
Nielsen, CarlSerenata Invano
O'Connor, MarkAppalachia Waltz
O'Connor, MarkButterflys Day Out
O'Connor, MarkCollege Hornpipe
O'Connor, MarkFishers Hornpipe
O'Connor, MarkIndecision
Part, ArvoSumma
Piazolla, AstorTango ballet
Puccini, GiacomoTosca (abridged) arr Riley
Purcell, HenryChacone
Rossini, GioacchinoDuetto for cello and bass
Rossini, GioacchinoString sonata no 1 in G
Rossini, GioacchinoString sonata no 3 in C
Rossini, GioacchinoString sonata no 4 in B flat
Rossini, GioacchinoString sonata no 5 in E flat
Rossini, GioacchinoString sonata no 6 in D
Runswick, DarrylSuite and Low
Schubert, FranzDeath and the Maiden
Schubert, FranzOctet
Schubert, FranzQuintet in C (cello)
Schubert, FranzTrout quintet
Shostakovitch, DimitriPrelude and scherzo for string 8tet
Strauss, RichardCapriccio sextet
Strauss, RichardMetamorphosen (septet version)
Strauss, RichardTil Eulenspeigel (chamber version)
Suk, JosefSerenade for strings
Tchaikovsky, Peter IlyichSouvenir di Florence
Telemann, George PhilippTrumpet concerto
Torelli, Trumpet concerto
Vivaldi, AntonioFour seasons
Wagner, RichardThe Ring (abridged) arr Riley


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