Our 2017 concert series is as follows:-

Program 1 - Brahms plus

Date and venues TBC

Program 2 - Nov, TBC

We perform in houses, halls, galleries - anywhere with a good space, sound and audience.

To date we have performed in Parkville, Cape Paterson and Fish Creek, but we have big plans to widen our scope.

5/18/1997LoretoSydneyBeethoven: SeptetRossini: Duetto for cello and bass, Strauss: Til Eulenspeigel (chamber version), Beethoven: Septet
12/1/1999College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneMozart/RossiniMozart: Violin/Viola duo in G, Rossini: String sonata no 1 in G, Mozart: Eine Kliene Nachtmusik
5/7/2000College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneRossini/Brahms 6tetBrahms: String sextet no 2 in G, Rossini: String sonata no 3 in C
10/8/2000College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneBrahms: String sextetMozart: Oboe quartet, Brahms: String sextet no 1 in B flat
4/22/2001College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneNeilsen/Beethoven: SeptetNielsen: Serenata Invano, Beethoven: Septet
8/4/2002College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneRossini/Dvorak: QuintetDvorak: Quintet in G (bass), Rossini: String sonata no 4 in B flat
10/13/2002College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneSchubert: OctetSchubert: Octet
3/9/2003College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneMendlessohn: OctetMendlessohn: Octet, Mozart: Clarinet 5tet
10/5/2003College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneRunswick/Bruch: OctetBruch: Octet, Dvorak: Terzetto, Runswick: Suite and Low
6/1/2004College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneRossini/Shostakovitch: OctetMozart: Viola 5tet in G min, Shostakovitch: Prelude and scherzo for string 8tet, Rossini: String sonata no 6 in D
8/29/2004Susan Oliver's house, EaglemontMelbourneRossini: Duetto/Schubert: TroutRossini: Duetto for cello and bass, Schubert: Trout quintet
11/21/2004College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneSchubert 5tetRossini: Duetto for cello and bass, Schubert: Quintet in C (cello)
4/19/2005College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneBach: BrandenburgsMozart: Cello quartet in C, Purcell: Chacone, Bach: Brandenburg concerto no 6, Bach: Brandenburg concerto no 3
12/4/2005College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneDvorak: QuintetDvorak: Quintet in G (bass), Brahms: String sextet no 1 in B flat
3/5/2006College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneBach/Vivaldi: Four seasonsVivaldi: Four seasons, Bach: Cantata no 51
10/29/2006College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneStrauss/Bunn/Mendlessohn: OctetMendlessohn: Octet, Strauss: Til Eulenspeigel (chamber version), Bunn: Quintet
3/11/2007College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneStrauss: Capriccio/Johnson: FailingStrauss: Capriccio sextet, Brahms: Viola 5tet, Johnson: Failing, Beethoven: String trio
11/25/2007College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneMozart/RossiniRossini: String sonata no 5 in E flat, Brahms: Clarinet 5tet, Mozart: Divertimento in F
3/16/2008College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneFrancaix/NeilsenNielsen: Serenata Invano, Rossini: Duetto for cello and bass, Mozart: Oboe quartet, Francaix: Divertissement
4/11/2008College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneYatraMozart: Oboe quartet, Johnson: Failing, Francaix: Divertissement
10/26/2008College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneBargiel/Bach/ShostakovitchBargiel: String octet in C min, Bach: Concerto for two violins in D min, Shostakovitch: Prelude and scherzo for string 8tet
3/1/2009College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneSuk serenade/Death and the MaidenSuk: Serenade for strings, Schubert: Death and the Maiden
3/7/2009Celia Rosser GalleryFish CreekTrout Fish CreekSchubert: Trout quintet, Brahms: Violin Sonata in G, Rossini: Duetto for cello and bass
6/7/2009Celia Rosser GalleryFish CreekAll MozartMozart: Oboe quartet, Mozart: Adagio for Cor and strings, Mozart: Divertimento in D, Mozart: Eine Kliene Nachtmusik
10/31/2009Celia Rosser GalleryFish CreekPE Big LapPiazolla: Tango ballet, Alvarez: Metro Chabacano, Part: Summa, Borodin: String 4tet no 2
11/8/2009College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbournePE Big Lap 
3/6/2010Celia Rosser GalleryFish CreekBott Gran Duo, Moz Pf 4tet, Hahn ariasHahn: Arias, Bottesini: Gran Duo Concertante, Mozart: Piano quartet in G min
3/14/2010College Church Hall, Gatehouse StMelbourneBott Gran Duo + Str OrchBritten: Simple Symphony, Tchaikovsky: Souvenir di Florence, Grieg: Two norwegian dances, Bottesini: Gran Duo Concertante, Elgar: Serenade for strings
11/30/2013Celia Rosser GalleryFish CreekMozart/Country/RingO'Connor: Indecision, O'Connor: Butterflys Day Out, Wagner: The Ring (abridged) arr Riley, O'Connor: Appalachia Waltz, O'Connor: Fishers Hornpipe, Mozart: Divertimento in F, O'Connor: College Hornpipe
5/31/2014Celia Rosser GalleryFish CreekBrahms: String sextet no 2 in GPuccini: Tosca (abridged) arr Riley, Brahms: String sextet no 2 in G, Strauss: Capriccio sextet
10/4/2014Waratah Hill VineyardFish CreekMozart and moreMozart: Six German dances, O'Connor: Appalachia Waltz, Rossini: String sonata no 1 in G, Johnson: Failing, O'Connor: Fishers Hornpipe, Bach: Two part inventions for Vla and Cb
10/25/2014Celia Rosser GalleryFish CreekDvorak: Quintet in G (bass)Rossini: String sonata no 1 in G, Dvorak: Quintet in G (bass), Dvorak: Terzetto
4/17/2016Mia MiaHeathcoteStrauss: Metamorphosen (septet version)Strauss: Metamorphosen (septet version), Wagner: The Ring (abridged) arr Riley, Rossini: String sonata no 1 in G
7/19/2016Melba HallMelbourneMark Fitzpatrick masters recitalCopeland: Quiet City, Torelli: Trumpet concerto, Telemann: Trumpet concerto
9/4/2016Fish Creek HotelFish CreekFirst Fish Creek Hotel gigRossini: String sonata no 3 in C, Mozart: Violin/Viola duo in G, Rossini: Duetto for cello and bass, Mozart: Sechs Deutsche Tanze
10/24/2016Not Entered Jan party in Hawthorn 
11/15/2016Morrah StParkvillefrom Bach to Bluegrass 
2/11/2017Not Entered Inki and Eric's wedding 

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